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Askreddit hookup

There was talk about me laying down next to mom the next morning, and having her turn over to a naked guy. It looked like a massacre in my bed. Navy chick drops me off and I don't even look back, but my friends get a good look at her and as soon as she drives away they burst out laughing.

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Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. The whole time navy chick and I were making out in front of the employee as he got us our room. So I told her that I didn't think it would work so I went down on her for a while, we cuddled and went to sleep. In college I hooked up with two very horny girls.

Askreddit hookup

It felt like I was Princess Leia with a dick about to stick it into Jabba's sand pussy. The mom offers me a ride home, bristle dating beards but I refuse because obviously I'm trying to get laid here. You should ninja-edit this into your original post. The next morning I woke up before and realized my friend was my ride so I couldn't leave so I just went to the other room slept on the couch and pretended to be asleep when she got up.

Askreddit hookup
Askreddit hookup

What's the strangest thing you've ever been caught doing? Once I was convinced she was going to be okay we parted ways and I headed to my game with the flicker of hope that we had managed to deal with this emergency without anyone being the wiser. At this point I discover she is using crutches and wearing a back brace, she also has a disabled sticker in her car, is overweight and has bright red hair. Except she waited for the moment before I was about to put it in. It was at a party that was a blur.

Eventually though she wants to get fucked, and I was not ready for what came next. She came in to me standing in her pristine laundry, hammered drunk, crying, naked, still half covered in poop and scrubbing her nice sheets that were covered in my poo. Came home drunk with this girl I had a crush on years before, we went on a date and it went nowhere.

Askreddit hookup

What is your most embarrassing/shameful hook up story AskReddit

Askreddit hookup

Askreddit is for open-ended discussion questions. AskReddit hot new rising controversial top gilded wiki. In college I had a bit of a dry spurt, so I went to craigslist to try and get some quick, easy sex.

Askreddit hookup
Askreddit hookup

We went back to her room and she sucked my dick while the walls melted. After that I never saw or talked to her again. As I entered, it didn't feel good and the smell got worse but I kept on trucking. She dropped me off and I kissed her goodbye.

Without a doubt the most horrifying experience of my life. No problem, I say, because my place is just a short walk from there, and I can walk her to the hotel in the morning. Was talking to this girl in college, matchmaking finally got her alone and naked. To be honest I'm not really sure how. When we were done she sucked my dick until I came.

  • It was like she got her jollies off on torturing people.
  • As she was leaving I told her I wanted to see her again, she didn't think it would be a good idea, and still doesn't.
  • Reconvene at Vicky's house where Vicky and John are already in bed.
  • Easily makes me look like a small guy, and she was taller too.
  • Her mom tells me she'll think about what she's going to do about me and basically lets me know that she's in control of my life now.
  1. Meanwhile she's honking and hollering and I am starting to gag.
  2. For about five minutes, when we are awoken to yelling, then the most almighty bloodcurdling scream from Vicky's room, then heart-wrenching crying.
  3. Biggest college regret to this day.
  4. His ex washed his bloody fuck sheets.
  5. Woke up the next day completely embarrassed.
  6. Later I found out I was on the fourth floor, and not the fifth where Dylan's room was.

Met a girl at an all day music festival. Me and Liz make out on the living room floor but she won't put out completely, and eventually I fall asleep. We get to our room and have the most disgusting sex my poor penis has ever had to endure. He just threw a towel over it, free dating said it wasn't a big deal. You must post a clear and direct question in the title.

Ended up him trying to jam his mostly soft dick into me for a few minutes and then giving up and then asking if I would like to take a shower. Next day we wake up and I'm at a loss for words at the sight of this chick, but I'm thinking that I just need to be polite until I get back to Jane's house. We actually laughed about our situation and even compared memory notes so to speak, to try and fill in each others missing time from the night before. Holy fuck what was I getting myself into? The baseball program is an often nationally ranked program that tends to get a lot of attention, especially for such a small town.

All of this goes on while her mom is at work. Fast forward the that night and the moment has arrived. The decision was made that if that was to happen I'd comply until I could wrangle a gun from one of their belts and take out as many officers as I could before being killed myself. Turns out so was this girl. We are naked under the sheets in the dark and I reach into my pants pocket for the jimmie hat.

Askreddit hookup
Askreddit hookup

The names have been changed. Third date, we were making out. That's when I decided I couldn't live with my mom anymore. Patrick's day my group of friends and I were just balls to the wall wasted.

Starting getting off with a girl in a club, everything starts to get a bit too heavy for the middle of a bar, so we start to leave to go back to her place for some sweet boning. Then jumped on me to have condomless sex. We also came to the agreement that the fewer people who knew about this, dating best the better.

The title may contain two, short, necessary context sentences. Confused I turn on the light and its a Ramen noodle flavor packet. She offers to go back to her place, off we go.

Also I hate authority, I see a cop car and I get a sick-paranoid-angry feeling every time. In this microcosm, as the starting third baseman at the time, I was somewhat known. So good that I came within a minute.

And that was the story of how I lost my virginity. Vicky brings her friend Liz actually her real name! Want to add to the discussion? Do you ever feel scared or lonely? Now this is the cringe I was hoping to get from the story.

We both had our eyes on appropriately sized people that we each were interested in, and we didn't want to sour each others game by letting this gossip get out. That night when she responded I told her I only had a couple hours which she convinced me wasn't enough time, so we set up a fuck session for later that week at her dorm. That was the worst day of my life, I'd have done just about anything to make the impending doom of prison go away. Once he's naked, he takes me to his room, and makes me give him a bj.

Also my girl threatened to take her own life if anything should happen to me. And both you and the girl could pretend that the mom slept with you, and she would be utterly confused. What is possibly the most disconcerting part is that it is the only time I have ever felt the muscular spasms of a girl definitely orgasming, even after seven years with the current gf.

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