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Are sam and blaine dating on glee, blaine anderson

They discuss how much she misses Santana. Sam is first seen in the auditorium with Rachel. He talks with Artie about how Mercedes is gonna react, and when Artie tells him she's gonna freak he doesn't believe him. Sam is present in the choir room when Will Schuester introduced Wade Adams as the newest member of the New Directions.

Blaine-Kurt Relationship

Schuester talking about Rachel and her decision. She tells her she can't be with him, and Sam asks her if it's because he's white. Rachel-Jesse Relationship.

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  1. Sam is portrayed by actor and musician Chord Overstreet.
  2. When Kurt tells them no one ever really saw any chemistry between them in the past, Sam kisses Mercedes to prove their chemistry.
  3. He wants to pay for everything, and is treating her right.
  4. Mercedes wants to wait until marriage for sex, Sam states that he is a year-old boy and has urges.
  5. Blaine greatly appreciated the advice because Kurt neglected to give his point of view on it.
  6. Rachel-Blaine Relationship.
  • In Transitioning Rachel was talking to Sam in a corner at her Good-Bye house party, they later went in her room.
  • Sam is standing in the middle of the living room, surrounded by dozens of candles.
  • Wade agreed with Sugar's affirmation.
  • After the show Sam and the others congratulate Rachel on her Broadway debut.
  • He tries to convince her again, but she isn't changing her mind.

Mercedes-Sam Relationship

Sam meets with Rachel in the auditorium. Comeback Sam in his underwear. Mike-Mercedes Relationship. At the prom, dating matrix crazy Sam performs Friday with Artie and Puck.

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On Monday, Sam joins their friends in the Bushwick Apartment for their weekly dinner. In the Hallway, after much hesitation, he reveals that he has a crush on Sam. The group comes back to the apartment early in the morning, and Sam instantly collapses on the couch.

Feed The World at the shelter. At the end of the episode Sam is in the choir room with New Directions when Sue comes and informs they are suspended for a week, Mr. Mercedes tells Rachel that she was so touched during the performance of Who Are You Now that she blew her nose on Sam's sleeve, to which he replies saying his jacket is suede.

Before he leaves, he tells Rachel he loves and Rachel accidentally says it back, clearly feeling awkward about it. Artie-Blaine Relationship. He also proceeds to tell Mercedes that she will achieve big things and they kiss for a second time on screen. Sam and the rest of the Glee Club walk to Finn's memorial left on Finn's locker when they run into Rachel. He is later in the locker room, when Sue approaches him and hypnotizes him once again.

This is also a regular feature in other episodes. During the song Sam realizes of this and that he is Blaine's guilty pleasure. The Most Wonderful Day of the Year.

When Mike says that they should celebrate a wonderful talent, Sam stands up, but soon realizes that Mike is talking about Jake, not him, and sits back down. Sam is shocked when he sees them, and Rachel asks him to come back to McKinley. He performs in Just the Way You Are. Due to Sue reserving the auditorium left Finn no choice, relative age dating geology but to go on a full on-method rehearsal in the tire shop.

Glee Ships Wiki

Will-Shannon Relationship. With this bedroom scene I think the narrative will again take this as seriously as Blaine and Kurt and others do. Tina-Brittany Relationship.

Blaine-Sam Relationship

Soon, Artie starts to record everyone with his phone camera until Sam stops him, slapping the camera out of his hand. Sam says that as President and Vice-President, that they can decree on the roles they want to have. Rachel-Mercedes Relationship.

She is also seen dancing right in front of him. When Finn tells Sam that he might be getting replaced, Sam says that he is on the verge of being super popular. Puck generally seems supportive of helping Santana come to terms with her sexuality and joins the Glee Club in helping her come out as a lesbian. When Mercedes asks him, he agrees to take it slow and to stay on the couch.

Previously Unaired Christmas. After Emma convinces Will to let new people have solos, he lets the winners of the Duets competition, Sam and Quinn, take the ballad. Sam says that he wants to be married some day, and says that it is a promise ring. Schuester, which was mentioned in the episode, The Substitute. The next day he approaches Sam in the showers and ends the partnership, much to Sam's confusion.

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Along the way he begins dating Mercedes Jones once again. She gives him a list of songs and wants him to convince the glee club to perform them at the Invitational. The Rocky Horror Glee Show.

Blaine Anderson

This article needs to be updated. Quinn says to get up, she's not ready to be married. Dance with Somebody When Mr. Blaine and Kurt's relationship has been generally well received. Will has to break up the fight before it got too violent.

Sam confesses that he has feelings for Rachel, but a part of him still loves Mercedes. But when Quinn and Finn kiss, the two see fireworks. Karofsky, who is bigger than Sam, ends up knocking him to the ground and punching him in the eye, but the fight is then ended by Coach Beiste. When Sam has the interview at the Hunter College, diamond dating club he messes up the interview he had for the scholarship by giving nonsense reasons as to why he wants to go there and he offends the caretaker.

Blaine Anderson

Blaine-Kurt Relationship

Sam encourages him to talk to Kurt, but Blaine insists he has, but Kurt won't listen to him. In the weeks that follow, Blaine starts feeling for Sam as more than simply a friend. Blaine later goes to continue his dance with Tina, and stares at Sam whilst doing so. It is revealed that Sam and Mercedes are officially dating. They started dating in the episode Comeback after Sam broke up with Quinn.

He is seen talking with a few New Directions members about the mash up competition. Next, they are playing videogames with Artie, when Blaine tells Sam he thinks he should break up with Mercedes. When she closes the ring box, she says that it is a maybe. It was so cute, in fact, Mr.

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Glee sam and santana dating

When Finn recruited Sam, he wasn't just looking for another voice, but for a new leader after he'd graduate as well. Sam confronts her about it, telling her that it seems suspicious that she won't kiss him, and she tells Sam that she is going to kiss him. Tina interrupts them and tells them to come to the student council meeting because they are late.

Copacabana Guilty Pleasures. In the end, it is revealed that his dad has lost his job after the economy failed, his family has been living in a motel for quite some time. On the next day, Sam is with the football team, telling jokes, when Rachel comes to him and starts talking about the kiss. During Merry Christmas Darling he and Quinn are seen kissing each other against the lockers under the mistletoe. After Rachel refuses to do it, Sam calls a meeting with their friends and tells them his plan.

Later on, Sam is in the lobby of their hotel with the rest of the Glee Clubbers, when Mercedes arrives. Sam backs up the idea that New Directions should write original songs. To be a small piece of that machine is incredibly wonderful. They put their new trophy in the case, along with the old ones. Despite this, chad johnson dating he is shown to care about Quinn and stays committed to her.

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