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Bergen aan Zee, Noord-Holland. Hoek van Holland, Zuid-Holland. Though she and Emily immediately pick up where they left off, Hanna and Spencer seemed uninterested. Alison tells them about A.

Spijkenisse, Zuid-Holland. It is revealed that Noel helped Charlotte torture the girls. The Liars are then hunted down by a new threat, using the devil emoji.

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How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard? Jenna returns to Rosewood and it is revealed that she knows Elliott, and that Elliott's real name is Archer Dunhill. He tells the four girls he needs their assurance they'll do their part to keep the disturbances to a minimum. Ali is released from the hospital and is put in the care of Mary Drake. Whether you're looking for a Dutch lover, closeted married man, husky bear or sexy twink, Squirt.

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The friendship was broken with Alison's disappearance. She turns and sees Charles, wearing a mask. Smallingerland, Friesland.

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When Hanna comes downstairs, the girls ask her how Ali is doing. Mona believes Ali is A, and the one who stole the game from her. Elliott tells Ali he knows she killed Charlotte and starts drugging her. Sara is murdered by an unknown assailant for playing on the wrong team.

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  1. It is revealed to be actually a doll and Emily pulls a string.
  2. Noel is accidently decapitated with his own axe when he trips on it.
  3. The Liars work on trying to get Ali out of the hospital and protect her from Elliott.

Ali is back in Rosewood and the girls wonder if she can be trusted. Sometime in those three weeks, Ali is realeased from jail as Mona is found not to be dead. Spencer decided to dedicate herself to her studies, and Emily refocused on swimming, crushed by Ali's disappearance. Melissa says that she wanted to keep Wren out of it.

Roosendaal, Noord-Brabant. Please enable it to log in. They quickly bury him and try to cover up their mistake.

All are distraught when they see what seems to be Hanna hanging from the bell tower. Soon they become as close-knit as they were before Ali's death. They soon see a woman who looks exactly like Jessica DiLaurentis. Mona's martial status is currently unknown. Alison blackmailed Toby into taking the blame, dating advice in urdu earning his wrath.

You may be looking for The Liars Book Group. When Jason leaves Ali asks the girls why her dad is so angry. Aria joins in on their belief and stage an intervention to help Emily realize their suspicions. Mona tearfully says that Charlotte should be released.

The girls are then put in a death trap by Jenna and Noel. She is later abducted by A. Spencer reminds Melissa that they are both part of that family Alison and Hanna go to the funeral home to pick up the visitation book.

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The new girl continues to stare at Emily so she confronts her. Paige returns to Rosewood, and Emily rekindles with her. Melissa thinks that Spencer bringing Ali home safe and sound was a mistake and she should stay away from that family.

They told Hanna but not Aria. This trusts the group back into turmoil after five months of being A free. Melissa comes up behind her and implies that Jason killed Jessica.

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  • While doing so, they unintentionally rundown Elliott while he was chasing Ali.
  • The girls get outside the Dollhouse and hey are trapped inside an eletroc fence.
  • Despite a rough start, the girls repair their friendship.

De Friese Meren, Friesland. DiLaurentis funeral, The Liars are waiting downstairs for Alison. During a sleepover, Alison served her friends drinks and after they fell asleep, she left Spencer's barn, never to be seen again. The group goes to Spencer's and most of them decide Alison killed Charlotte. They alert her that it is likely he killed Alison.

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The Liars are out on lockdown with police protection, as they believe Noel abducted Hanna. She also alludes to the other person that knows the truth about what happened - Ezra. They soon are commanded to go to Ali's living room. Ezra proposes to Aria, to which at first she denies, but then accepts. As the Liars try to leave, Jenna shoots at the Liars, and Spencer is hit.

Alphen aan den Rijn, Zuid-Holland. Hanna and Caleb rekindle their relationship. Emily is a closeted lesbian harboring an unrequited crush on Alison. She then sees Elliott and Mary arguing.

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Each Liar is found in their own room, but find out they are actually trapped in a Dollhouse. While Emily had stabbed Lyndon, Caleb held her and comforted her, only to get shot by Lyndon. At the end of the episode, Charlotte is arrested and put in Welby, and the girls leave for college.

Emily goes to visit Alison, and sees her condition has gotten worse. Just when Mona finds enough proof that Alison is A, she is brutally murdered at the end of the episode. Mona says that they should be careful about how people see them.

After that night, Hanna distanced herself from the other three girls and befriended outsider Mona Vanderwaal, and Aria moved with her family to Iceland. Noel eventually escapes the chair Hanna tied him to, and meets up with Jenna. Wieringerwerf, Noord-Holland. Also, Squirt helps you find men based on your specific preferences, like ethnicity, body type and age. He stalked her when she turned him down, and he ended up killing her.

Find the best cruising locations in the Netherlands. The Liars, including Mona, work together to prove this and go to the Radley Sanitarium. Kenneth is furious about it and asks her to go and change her dress. Just as in the previous season, the girl's pact is stronger than ever. Toby gets engaged to Yvonne, and they are moving to Maine to start a family.

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Meanwhile the other girls are still best friends, saving each other and discovering things together. Haarlemmermeer, Noord-Holland. Melissa wants to know why Spencer sent Toby after her to London. Ali wants to bring her sister home.

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