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Aladdin lamp dating, the origins of aladdin

  1. As burners became worn or broken, they were often replaced with any burner available at the time.
  2. Of course restored and repaired old lamps may have new hardware.
  3. Manufactured from through the present day Dates for American lamps are for North American price list.
  4. As such the descriptions may not cover all the variations of these models.

Whatever your interest in these lamps I hope you find something of use in this web site. Removing an Old Collar Removing a damaged lamp collar can either be a quick and easy job or a complex, delicate operation. Aladdin and the Magical Lamp has entertained countless people over hundreds of years. These larger pegs were packed in plaster under a metal connector to join old fonts to old bases. The story of a poor, fatherless boy discovering a wish-granting genie and changing his fate is a rags-to-riches tale filled with magic and wonder.

Fancy old chimneys are relatively expensive, and are increasingly more difficult to acquire. If the dealer refuses, it may be best to pass on the item. Removing this would have a dire impact on the value of the lamp!

Aladdin Kerosene Lamps

If you need more information about different model A or B glass lamps I strongly suggest that you purchase a copy of Bill's excellent book. Glass lamps manufactured after use the MaxBrite burners. Sometimes this method isn't successful.

For the rest of us it is just guesses based upon what we can observe. Since I have started this site others have helped out by sending me jpeg pictures of lamps I do not have for use in this site. Including your email address at the end of the message will make sure that I can get back to you with answers to your questions. Old Fancy Glass and Collectibles.

And now you can impress all your friends when they talk about Aladdin. Books The tome of Aladdin Lamp Information does not end here. Bill's book is primarily focused on Aladdin lamps marketed within the United States and Canada. The Cathedral lamp is sold in combinations of blue and amber. Collectors of antique lamps and lighting will use this reference to identify and date center-draft kerosene lamps and their manufacturers.

Additional information

Herman U Lahde This is a valuable reference book written as a labor of love by Dr. Don't be fooled by elaborate new hardware such as you might find in larger lamps like the new Cathedral lamp in Fig. New bolts, left, connecting new hardware are threaded the entire length.

It looks swell until you take it home and clean it. It will produce a better light, and provide a more even heat distribution, especially to the sides of the chimney. Make sure that chimneys that are oval-shaped in cross-section are aligned properly in relation to the flame. Others could be solid brass.

  • If you are unsure if a finish is an intended result of the manufacturing process or just the natural darkening and mellowing of the finish over time, consult an expert in the field.
  • The Aladdin story was first published in an Arabian Nights fairytale set.
  • Antun Yusuf Hanna Diyab was an intriguing man himself.
  • Fortune Gallery of Vintage Collectibles.

The Origins of Aladdin Fairy Tale Central

The story of Aladdin continues to be a powerful and well-known tale today reaching the far corners of the world. Detail information not in other books. Autographed to you by the author. New finger lamp in Petal and Rib pattern, right. If you plan on burning your lamps, it may be wise to use reproduction chimneys.

Is the fastest way to identify your aladdin lamp

Connections on the new Cathedral lamp are solid brass. Dating and development of early lamps and burners. Most fairy tales first creators are unknown. Packing plaster around the peg held the old font in the old metal connector.

Protect the lamp and yourself - wear eye protection when appropriate for the task. Many early lamps are not found with an appropriate period burner. Below is a list of the publications used as references to create these pages.

Aladdin Oil Lamp Items

Dating Bialaddin Lanterns

This will allow the chimney to gradually warm up. Many lamps ilustrated, many in color. It was a combination of ongoing innovation in both their products and marketing that allowed them to dominate the mantle lamp market. Most early collars were affixed with plaster-of-paris or similar compound. Only the people who were there and made or carried out the decisions can know the facts for sure.

In them you will find exhaustive information on the history, diversity, and elegance of Aladdin Mantle Lamps. Frayed ends just make it more difficult to insert the wick into the wick tube. Marketing and sales into rural America were largely through independent sales representatives going door to door with salesman cases demonstrating their wares. Copies can be purchased from the author. Lahde worked for Aladdin Industries Inc.

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Kerosene Glass Lamps - Separating New from Old Increasing numbers of new glass kerosene lamps have been coming on the market. While most collectors would love to find pieces in pristine, unused condition, the reality is that because these were utilitarian items, sugar mummy dating free they were used - not intended for display. All these new lamps are glued together at the base and font.

The model A and model B glass lamps described in this site are of lamps I own or have owned. Excess plaster will likely ooze out which you can wipe away with a damp cloth. Replacing the Lamp Collar There are a couple of products which can safely be used to re-attach lamp parts such as collars for burners and filler caps, and to attach founts to their stems. Dirty chimneys can cause uneven heating that could cause the chimney to crack, or even shatter. This produces a more controlled flame.

Much of the information in this web site is based upon the research and contributions of others as well as those of my own. While I generally use regular Plaster of Paris, ceramic tile grout latex has been recommended a number of times, but I have never tried it. Old joints that are fused, not glued, tivo stream hookup do not fluoresce at the base-font joint. Check back often as I add more lamp data.

Alacite was a unique trademark of Aladdin and resembled ivory in its color and texture. The light colored band is glue. But every new joint fluoresces brightly in black light Fig. The burner body, especially the perforations, must be cleaned periodically to prevent clogging and promote proper air flow. Aladdin was and is still the most successful brand of non-pressurized kerosene mantle lamp.

Hanging Lamps

The Origins of Aladdin

In the end, the decision to buy a lamp might be made without regard to the trimmings - it all depends upon the tastes and collecting habits of the collector. This glue also fluoresces brightly under long wave black light. Tighten the screw just tightly enough to secure the chimney in place without over-tightening. The first were made of metal, either brass or nickel plated brass.

Antique and Vintage Aladdin Lamps

They have a newsletter that can contain research results not published in Courter's book. Flat wicks can be cut straight across with a sharp pair of scissors. Basic to our purpose is preservation of memorabilia of the kerosene and early electric era that was such an important part of rural America. Lahde was born and educated in Germany. There are imperfections in the glass itself - straw marks, bubbles, etc.

Aladdin Magical Mantle Lamps


Kerosene or lamp oil deposits on the burner trap dust particles. Hard bound, color, pages, packers dating website over photos and illustrations. It is not intended to parrot previously published works nor to replace them. Many of the new lamps are being produced in colors and color combinations not originally made.

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